What you don’t know about homeless shelters in America

homeless with dog

The issue is only getting bigger and bigger every year.  They walk our streets among us.  They are every race and nationality.  Light hair, dark hair, brown eyes, blue eyes, you name it.  Sometimes we may offer them some food, other times we may look away and think this is someone else’s problem. Or, we may even justify their issue by saying  “why don’t they just go to a government shelter, that’s what they’re there for?”

Well, the homeless will tell you a government shelter is the last place they want to be.  Not because they aren’t offered help when they arrive – they are.  They are given food, a place to rest, and even medical care.  Not because they don’t like the employees – they do.  The employees spend time with them, learn their stories, and sometimes even bring them gifts.  And not because they don’t like the others in their shelter – they do.  Many of them spend time together, and get to know each other, and even become close friends.

The reason the homeless are so scared to enter America’s government shelters is because many times…they never come back out!  That’s right, most of us don’t know this, but the government shelters care for millions of the homeless every year and spends billions of our tax dollars doing it.  However, in many areas, if the homeless aren’t gone within 72 hours…they’re terminated.  Yes, by terminated, I mean killed.  And yes, it is happening.  And yes, it is all documented and you can find it in government records.  Really.

Is it mercy killing?  One employee I spoke with who wants to remain anonymous said, “It’s unbelievable that no one is standing up for them… we have strict orders by government leaders to end their lives – including mothers and their babies!  I just can’t do it anymore, which is why I’m letting the world know.”

Here’s the worst part.  Once they come in to these government run facilities, many of them aren’t even allowed to leave on their own.  They have to be claimed by one of us.  Yes…this is really happening.  And it’s happening to over 4 million homeless pets every year!  Please do your part to fix this.  Give them a couch to sleep on.  And do it now.  Their lives depend on it.  You can be their foster hero.  Go to www.911fosterpets.com to learn more.homeless kitten

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