The Founder of the world’s largest pet adoption site has a new mission…to save the ones that have been left behind…

If you’ve ever looked at adopting a pet, then you’ve probably gone to, the largest pet adoption website in the world.  Created 20 years ago by Betsy Saul, petfinder has facilitated over 25 million adoptions nationwide and works with over 15,000 shelters and rescue groups.  That’s awesome…. but unfortunately not awesome enough.

See, even with all of that, there are still millions of pets euthanized each year in shelters simply because the facility has run out of space.  Not because the animal is not adoptable, or sick, but because they just don’t have the space. That’s sad.  And what’s even worse is that many of these pets are healthy puppies and kittens who haven’t even had a chance at life (some shelters estimate up to 1/3 of all animals destroyed are young kittens).

So when you’re the founder of the biggest adoption website in the world, what else can you do?  Simple… Take all of the knowledge you’ve gained over the years, and use it to help these animals.  Enter her new brainchild,  The concept is simple yet brilliant:

Step 1:   An interested “foster hero” searches thousands of pets in need and connects with a local rescue group or animal shelter.

Step 2:  The foster hero or a rescue group pulls a pet from an overcrowded shelter, saving it’s life.

Step 3:  The foster hero provides a safe place for the foster pet, while the rescue group finds the pet a forever home or the pet can go back to the shelter to be adopted.

Step 4:  Repeat.

Most shelters and rescue groups cover all expenses such as food, supplies, and veterinary care.


I mean, who can’t take a small litter of kittens and their momma, close them off in their bathroom, and provide them food, a clean litter box, and some attention until they are old enough to be adopted?  Simple enough, right?

Betsy’s counting on it.  And she needs your help.  For this to succeed, there needs to be a massive social awareness campaign created at the grassroots level by caring pet lovers nationwide.  We need to spread the word, and make fostering a pet as commonplace as adopting one.  And we can’t do it without you.

So, please, go to to see thousands of pets waiting for a short term foster hero like you.  And, please share with everyone you know.  Our nation’s shelter pets need you now more than ever.  Be a part of the foster pet revolution.  Wag on.


  • Diana Hubbard November 30, 2016 Reply


  • Susan clary December 9, 2016 Reply

    I have a small breed dog rescue and many times need a 911 foster. How can I sign up?

  • Dennise Totes December 11, 2016 Reply

    I own 4 Dogs Farm Rescue we rescue Seniors , Medical dogs and Hospice primarily although we do take healthy young dogs at risk . This is incredible! I beg all day for fosters Fosters are the BACKBONE of Rescue! sinncerely Dennise Totes [email protected]

  • Dennise Totes December 11, 2016 Reply

    I am so excited to hear this . We use Petfinder for our adoptions. We also take what others leave behind. This would enable us to take more dogs in desperate need especially since we focus on those not considered desirable.

    • Eric Theis August 28, 2017 Reply

      Hi Dennise – Great to hear and thanks for all that you do for the animals. Make sure to sign up at our site to ensure your pets are posted and you will be able to make changes live.

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