What happens to the animals during a government shutdown?

I’m a political agnostic…meaning I believe in good politics, I just have yet to find a good politician I can believe in.  And with the current “offender in chief” in office, I think we all knew it was only a matter of time before our government was going to shut down.  So, here’s the question – we know how dysfunctional we are as a society… but with a government shutdown, how will it help or hurt some of our animals?

Well, I’m here to break it down for you.  Let’s get started-

The first bit of good news is this:  Win one for coyotes, bears, wolves, and other animals that are normally controlled by Federal Agencies like the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.  See, part of their job is to “control” or kill many of these animals they deem as predators or nuisances by hunting, poisoning, and other methods.  During a shutdown, many of these programs cease, so these animals get a few more days to live!


How about homeless pets at shelters and rescues?  Good news and bad news on this end.  The good news is all the shelters and rescue groups keep going on with their daily activities, including adopting and fostering out many of these pets.  The bad news is all of them along with locally funded animal control agencies continue going on with their daily activities…. which also include euthanizing millions of pets every year because our society no longer wants to care for them.  So get out there and foster and adopt.  You can find all of these pets at sites like www.911fosterpets.com

Next up…the millions of primates, fish, rats and mice in the care of the National Institute of Health.  They will remain in the “protection” of these research facilities and will continue receiving the incredibly high level of care that any animal in a lab experiment should receive.  Yes, this is sarcasm, but unfortunately for the animals, this is true.

What about the wild horses?  In 2013, according to the HSUS, The Bureau of Land Management stated they would continue staffing for the 50,000 horses and burros under their care, but would not continue the adoption efforts at that time.  Not good.  No adoptions means more incoming animals meaning less care.

And what about oversight for the livestock we eat and the pet food our little furry friends eat?  Well, for us, (since we are the superior species and deserve more than anyone or anything else…again, sarcasm) you can bet the USDA will remain open to check on the quality of our slaughterhouses and the disgusting food they create.  As for our furry friends food… well that one’s up to the FDA.  And with their stellar track record of making sure there aren’t plastic, toxins, or even other dogs or cats in our pets’ food without a shutdown…. my bet is it will only get worse with one.

So, Don, Chuck, Nancy, Mitch, and Paul…how about you guys focus on fixing things together this time, instead of just continuing this ridiculous political pissing match?  If not for the people you serve, how about for the animals?



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