What kind of experience do I need in order to foster?


While it can be helpful to have experience with pets, it’s not always necessary. Many adult and senior dogs and cats have lived in a home before and need little to no training. Of course, there’s always an adjustment period while they get to know your house rules, schedule, etc., so you want to set them up for success from the start (see link below). Other dogs and cats (particularly puppies, kittens and younger pets) will need your gentle guidance in learning what it is like to be in a home.


Don’t hesitate to talk with the rescue organization about your experience with pets and what you feel you can comfortably handle as regarding behavior and training. While many foster dogs and cats have lived in a home before, always take precautions to protect your valuable items.  In addition, even if a pet is housetrained accidents may still happen as he adjusts to your home.

For more information on setting up your foster pet for success in your home: