Can you pick the pit bull?

dogo argentino

I am an avid fan of pit bulls and pittie mixes.  I have a few of my own.  In my opinion, they are unjustly villianized by the media and others that don’t understand much about dogs in general.  But whether you’re for or against pit bulls, the big question is, could you even recognize one?  Many of the animal service employees that work in areas that have “pit bull” breed bans can not either…. so the idea of taking away someone’s pet that may not even be a pit or pit mix is completely insane.

Here’s a little challenge… try and pick the pit from these photos.  alano espanol boerboelamerican-pit-bull-terrierthai ridgeback cane corso

Could you do it?  Here’s a hint… It’s not the one at the top of the page.  That’s a purebred Dogo Argentino.  Nor is it the second one with a stuffed animal – that’s a Alano Espanol.  The fawn colored guy on the left is a Boerboel.  The beautiful light grey dog with cropped ears is isn’t a pit either.  It’s a Thai Ridgeback.  And finally, the darker colored dog with the bone in his mouth… well he’s a Cane Corso.  That’s right… the American Pit Bull Terrier is the little fawn one.

Let’s try again.  Look at these photos below and pick the pittie:

presa canario rottweiler bull mastiff fila brasileiro black mouth cur sheperd puppy

Gotcha!  None of them are.  (From right to left- Presa Canaro, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Black Mouth Cur, and a adorable little shepherd mix puppy!) But they are all beautiful dogs that can easily be mistaken for a pit, including this little 3 week old puppy.  And, do you know what happens to even these little puppies in areas with breed bans if they’re mistaken for a pit?  They can’t be adopted back out, so you what do you think?

I hope after reading this you agree with me… a dog’s breed doesn’t make it good or bad.  It’s upbringing, socialization, training, and environment do.  And even if the breed did (which it doesn’t) there’s no way to know for sure if a dog in question is really a pit.  So, here’s another question – are you o.k. taking dogs that are mistaken for pits from peoples homes and confiscating them in animal shelters to be euthanized?  It’s currently being done in 28 states in the US.  Pretty crazy, huh?

Whatever your opinion, I think we can all agree that little puppies like this guy in the picture should never get euthanized.  Become a foster hero today and save a life.  Go to to learn more.



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