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Help us ensure Animal Shelters & Rescues are “Essential” Services

We need your help! One after another, states are enforcing “shelter at home” orders.  When this happens, the administrators need to determine which services are and are not deemed “essential.”   We need to make sure that all animal control facilities, shelters, rescue groups and veterinarians are deemed essential, so they can continue to take care 

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8 Steps to help shelters save lives during COVID-19

What is the single most impactful thing you can do as a community member to help ensure pets are safe if there is a shelter shutdown due to quarantine or staff illness? Get ready to foster! Fostering saves lives Shelter pet lifesaving is a community effort and sometimes shelters don’t have all the resources they 

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List of animal shelters and rescues in the path of Hurricane Harvey

Even before a hurricane comes, many animal shelters are having to prepare for the unthinkable. And unfortunately, most of them are faced with tough decisions as they never have the resources necessary to save all the pets in their care. When flood waters rise, these shelters need to ensure their animals aren’t left behind to 

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